Transition to Retirement

Preparation is necessary as you plan for dental retirement and the transition of your dental practice. Now that your professional and financial goals are met, which experts will you call upon to assist you in transitioning into retirement? Who will make it easy on you? There is a difference in dental care and there is a difference in dental transition consultants.

I’ve met with dentists who started down the road to transitioning their dental practices on their own. While some are successful, I have assisted many dentists in the 11th hour of their chaotic sale, and even more who hit roadblocks that resulted in failed dental transitions. After interviewing the dentists, I realized many of these dental transitions could have been much easier and many could have been saved with sound advice from an experienced dental transition consultant.

The best way to minimize the chance of a chaotic or failed sale is to work with a seasoned dental transition consultant who has a great team. There is no substitute for experience, someone who has been down the transition road over and over again and who knows where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them before the sale becomes derailed. The process may appear easy, but the seller and buyer are generally unaware that EVERY sale is different, with its own unique set of challenges. In the end, it is essential to partner with a transition consultant who has crossed the finish line already hundreds of times.

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